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Ancient City Road Runners

Our Legacy

The club was first established in 1982 when some like-minded persons saw the need for a running club in our city. The Constitution for the club states: “The prime objective of this association shall be the promotion and encouragement of long-distance running and the education of the public to its benefits.”
Photo of ACRR Wednesday Night Run

Weekly Group Runs

If you're curious whether ACRR is for you, this is where you start! Join us for one of our weekly runs as a group, where all ages and running paces are welcome — even walkers! After putting in your hard-fought miles, we usually gather for optional socializing and recovery at a coffee shop or bar!

Photo of ACRR at Gate River Run

Local & Destination Races

ACRR members participate in, volunteer for, and cheer on fellow runners in races around the world — starting with our very own Matanzas 5K. Each year, the club also organizes a "destination race" trip for members and family, with previous locales including Chicago, San Antonio, and Key West!

Photo of ACRR birthday cake

Club Social Events

Expect birthday socials, Christmas caroling outings, and participation in community events with the coolest club around. Each year, ACRR also organizes two or three Hash Runs — where costumes and frivolity are mandatory!

Our Stats

We honor our mission by hosting group runs weekly, a local 5K race (the Matanzas 5000) annually, and several Hash Runs throughout the year. We also sponsor a running camp for middle and high school students every summer, and we proudly represent our ACRR colors as we volunteer and/or participate in races around our beautiful city, state, and globe!

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Matanzas 5Ks
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Gazillion Miles Run


…and counting!!

ACRR Board Members & Directors

The club holds annual elections for the Board of Directors and committee chair members.

Photo of Larry Gibbons


Larry Gibbons

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Matanzas Race Director

Bill Phillips

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Merchandise Chair

Sandra Sanders

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Vice President

Chip Gusler

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Matanzas Sponsorships Chair

Deanna Reich

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Membership Chair

Brian Reaves

Photo of ACRR's Pedro


Mike Chismark

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Shut Up & Run Race Director

Sally Howes

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Social Chair


Photo of ACRR's Pedro


Carole Adams

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

ACRR Camp Director

Jamin Rubenstein

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Hash Master

John Burnfield

Members at Large

Our wonderful Members at Large represent Ancient City Road Runners in Board meetings, as well as at group runs, in local races, and in our community at large.

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Member at Large

Joe Fowler

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Member at Large

Ron Reynolds

Photo of ACRR's Pedro

Member at Large

Elizabeth Rich

Our Run Schedule

The Ancient City Road Runners invite you to join us for one of our weekly group runs — conveniently scattered throughout the beautiful city of St. Augustine. All ages and paces welcome!


We are excited to announce Tim Buckley and Gene Usner have volunteered to be editors of THE LOOP, the official newsletter of Ancient City Road Runners. Any ACRR member who would like to contribute is encouraged to contact the editors.